fredag 23 januari 2015

A Christmas legend of Hamelin Town

Here's a typical Tenggren illustration commission from his great period in the 1920ies. The story was published for the Christmas number of Good Housekeeping in 1928, but the actual work was done and delivered July 15. A month later, August 16, it was paid with $600, a not uncommon sum in Gustaf's ledger from the time.
The two illustrations were probably made in full color but the magazine has chosen to print them in a reduced color scale. The painting is cut in half to fit the spread.
Luckily, I found the original painting while browsing through the Miscellaneous illustration crates in the Tenggren papers, Kerlan Collection at University of Minneapolis, MA.
Opening spread for A Christmas legend of Hamelin Town, Good Housekeeping 1928.
Original painting for A Christmas legend of Hamelin Town.
Kerlan collection of the University of Minnesota Libraries
with permissions from the Archives and Special Collections
The other illustration for this story shows an old lady and a crowd of children. Let alone Tenggren's excellence in painting cute kids, this painting is interesting in another way. The model for the kneeling old lady is Tenggren's own mother, Augusta. 
Full page illustration in three colors for
A Christmas legend of Hamelin Town, Good Housekeeping 1928.
Tenggren often used his relatives as models for his paintings, and he loved his mother very much as I think can be seen from the beautiful portrait from 1932 below.
Gustaf Tenggren: Portrait in chalk of Augusta, mother of the artist, 1932.

torsdag 18 december 2014

A greeting from Christmases gone by

I'd like to wish all Tenggren fans a Merry Christmas with this home-made card from Gustaf Tenggren. It's printed in black but the signature is hand-written.
From its style, it should be from one of the the last years of the 1920ies. It was sent off to a friend and musician in Gothenburg. Tenggren produced a number of personal Christmas cards during the years, of which a few survived. Despite its battered state it shows great graphic craftsmanship.

måndag 1 december 2014

Magnificent Pinocchio concept painting for sale

Don't know what to buy for Christmas? Take a look at the latest catalog from auction house Profiles in History. Their Animation Art catalog displays a number of unique items, including this gorgeous Pinocchio concept painting by Gustaf Tenggren.
Pinocchio concept art by Gustaf Tenggren, 1938. 
An intent to spend a mere $60,000 - 80,000 can make you one of the bidders fighting for this gem. I think there will be some of you, though.

fredag 28 november 2014

Book release and art auction

Yesterday, Thursday, November 27th, the new biography on Gustaf Tenggren by Lars Emanuelsson and Oskar Ekman was released at Stockholm's Auktionsverk. Lars Emanuelsson and Lasse Åberg, famed artist, film director and Disneyana collector, spoke on Tenggren and his Disney connections.

Lasse Åberg and Lars Emanuelsson in front of some of the
Tenggren artwork sold at the auction.
All images: Lennart Bergman.

Lars Emanuelsson speaks on Tenggren.

Lars Emanuelsson signs the book, "Gustaf Tenggren - en biografi". 
The book was sold at the place and there was a queue of people wanting to get their copies signed by Lasse Åberg, Lars Emanuelsson and Oskar Ekman. The demand was pretty intense so the place ran out of books. There are still a couple of days to see the show - 36 great Tenggren pieces are held for sale.

fredag 21 november 2014

The viewing is on!

Yesterday, Thursday November 20th, the viewing of Stockholm's Auktionsverk's Quality Auction of Fine Arts and Antiques started. The Tenggren collection, holding 36 pieces, has been allocated a nice corner of its own, reminding of a dedicated once-in-a-lifetime Tenggren Museum.
The interest for Tenggren's art was great and I think a number of interested visitors will attend the combined presentation and book release. At Thursday November 27th, the new Tenggren biography, "Gustaf Tenggren - en biografi" by Lars Emanuelsson and Oskar Ekman will be presented. The auction itself is held December 3rd.


tisdag 11 november 2014

Catalog for Tenggren auction available now

Accompanying the release of the first Gustaf Tenggren biography, a once-in-a-lifetime auction is held at the Stockholms Auktionsverk, (Stockholm Auction House). On December 3rd, at the Classic quality auction of Fine Art and Antiques, 36 examples of Tenggren's art are held for sale. For this occasion, a special offprint has been made from the regular catalog, listing the works. It can be downloaded as a pdf here. The viewing of the auction will be November 21-30.
Cover of the special offprint for the Tenggren auction.
Thursday November 27, a special release of the Tenggren biography, Gustaf Tenggren - en biografi, is held. The book, published by Kartago, will be available at book stores November 17. Despite its being available only in Swedish from the beginning, it contains a whole lot of Tenggren art and biographical photos.
Art from the auction: Gustaf Tenggren's self-portrait, 1914.
Art from the auction: Walpurgis night, 1916.

torsdag 6 november 2014

A book is born!

I am very happy to declare that the Tenggren biography is finally ready! Just today a package of eight copies arrived to the publishing company and I was invited to pick one up. The release date is set to November 17th, but the book is already possible to order from one of a number of web bookstores.

Rolf Classon and Lars Emanuelsson with the new copies
of the first Gustaf Tenggren biography ever.
Aligned with the book release, a collection of 40 original Tenggren artworks are sold at the Classic Quality auction of Fine Arts and Antiques at Stockholm's Auktionsverk. The auction date is December 3rd and the viewing is November 21st-30th.

Head and owner of Kartago publishing company, Rolf Classon,
 is browsing through the first copy of Gustaf Tenggren - en biografi
November 27th I'll be there to elaborate on Tenggren and show the art. I'm also proud to announce that the famed artist, film director and Disneyana collector Lasse Åberg will attend the show that day to talk about Tenggren's Disney connection. It's all made during the viewing of the auction so feel free to join in!